• Integrated and multi-purpose systems for marine applications such as renewable energy offshore platforms or aquaculture analysis systems.
  • Specific hardware for the monitorization and control of peripheric devices for data acquisition, processing and propagation via 4G, satellite or Wi-Fi in real time.
  • Advanced mechanical design that provides the solutions with the robustness required for the operation under harsh conditions in offshore marine environment.


  • Cost-effective, accurate and improved integrity attitude and positioning system for airborne applications, appropriate for drones.
  • Modular platforms based on a GNSS multi-antenna architecture and sensor fusion, not requering magnetometers for providing true heading.


  • Systems for the earth segment of the satellite communications, adapting the hardware requirements to those requested by the customer and the intended platform and application.
  • Development of lightweight and portable VSATs for video contribution, such as FNGs (Fast News Gathering) or specific manual or motorized terminals in X, Ku and Ka bands intended for demanding applications where reliable operation in harsh environments is requested.
  • Custom GNSS frontends development for GPS and GALILEO with different form factor.


  • Development of specific hardware and firmware for applications where the monitoring and control of peripheric sensors and propagation, via wired or wireless communication, of the collected data are required.
  • Deployment of secure and robust networks of multipurpose sensors upon application needs in open and public areas and factory environment.