Perimeter Security

  • Inbound/outbound traffic management, content filtering, anti-virus gateway, reputation-based threat prevention.
  • Application control, data leakage prevention, ...
  • VPN access, SSL, MFA, SSO, ...
  • Visibility and reporting.

Routing and Switching

  • Static and dynamic routing.
  • Clustering.
  • VLAN, aggregation, QoS,..
  • Scalability, performance, flexibility, security and redundancy.

Servers and Storage

  • Study of the ideal solution for The Client.
  • Dimensioning, installation and configuration of servers
  • Dimensioning, installation and configuration of storage and NAS cabins


  • Machine virtualization (Hyper-V, VMWare).
  • Application Virtualization (Docker).
  • Application customization.

Wireless Networks

  • Point to Point and Point to Multipoint links in non-licensed bands.
  • High capacity solutions (Gpbs) up to 1.5Km.
  • Professional WiFi networks in all types of environments (Business, Industry, Education, ...).
  • Hotspots, Radius integration, ...


  • Collection and processing of device, system and/or application metrics.
  • Real-time event communication.
  • Support for preventive maintenance.
  • Control panel customization.

IP telephony

  • Software and hardware solutions.
  • Single-site and multi-site solutions.
  • Scalable solutions.


  • CCTV-IP solutions.
  • Hardware and software solutions.
  • Intelligent video analysis.
  • Single-site and multi-site solutions.

Access Control

  • IP solutions.
  • Multiple authentication methods.
  • Single-site and multi-site solutions.
  • Integrated solutions.